Need help in applying logic for my current project

hi everyone,
i am working on getting transaction reports from different portals, so actually, the process is like,

  1. i have to get transaction details from 1st of previous month to 5th of current month
  2. from 6th of current month onwards, it should strat again from 1st of current month to till present day

here i have applied logic to the first part , where i got struck is ,i don know how to persue from again 1st of current month to present day once it reach 6th of current month
please any help could be appreciated


Hi @kaavya
You can do for example as follows:
Get the current date per Today() function.
Replace the first two characters with 01. I mean replace for example 06.08.2021 with 01.08.2021
To do that you need get substring or replace string function etc.
Then you can calculate the next month using the current date also.
You can read the month per substring. And then you can set it + 1
and you can also replace the first two characters with 06.

You can watch also some videos on this channel to get more informations about substrings and dates:

Best regards

@kaavya , Can you share your workflow?