Need help creating a C# expression for offset X & Y

image . Let’s start with, I am not a developer and don’t know code. Having said that, I have tried to use all kinds of methods to get UI Path to “see” a particular area on a screen. Some worked but only temporarily. I believe I need to add the exact X & Y coordinates. I have the coordinates and have found out how to convert the decimal to 32 bit. But I don’t know what to put in the field, “Create expression in C#” without getting the error,

Clearly, I don’t know what I am doing. anyone have suggestions? thanks.


Can you try to input just integer value (such as 10 , -20 etc) , as the following?


I did as you recommended. It worked one time. Then I went back in and added a verification step. In order for the item to be seen, I selected F3 to identify the target and added an anchor. I couldn’t get it to go, it wasn’t seeing the field name, so I updated the targeting methods to include strict selector, image, computer vision, and fuzzy selector. I got this error: Click ‘Accounts Payable Account’: The element was found but the verification failed because the action did not have the expected outcome.

scratching my head. :thinking:

I kept working on it. First, I didn’t realize that the X & Y location would relate to the location (top left, bottom left, center, top right, or bottom right) based on the field as opposed to the entire screen. Once I figured that out, I was able to make it work based on using the X = 10 and Y = 10. I have since been able to get it to repeat successfully. Thanks for your recommendation this morning! I appreciate your help.

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