Need excel sheet name dynamically without installing excel software


I need to get excel sheet name in excel file from VM. In VM i dont have excel installed
My scenario is i should not install excel in VM. I need to read the data and get the sheet name dynamically
For example if i have 3 sheets in excel file i need to get the 3 names
I used workbook activity from UIpath to read the excel value without installing Excel in VM
But i couldnt get the sheet name. Please help

May this sample helps you.

File : (9.0 KB)

Hi @balupad14,

you cant use excel application scope unless you install excel application in your system.

@DeviE i think we cant get sheet name with out installing excel application in your system


Yes. I tried, it is not working if excel is not installed.
Any alternative solution?

Hi ,
When you set Visible is false. No need to install the application.



I have set the visible false in the example for the Excel Application Scope.

I set the visible false. It is not working. throwing error

Hi @DeviE,

try to install Excel application,else you cant get sheet name dynamically.


To @ovi and @badita The Academy video Lesson 9 at 1.28. Having the explanation that if the visible property is false. No need to install excel application. But my environment , all the systems are having the excel application.

Thank you

I have tested it in the virtual box without installing the Excel with Write Range activity .It is working well. Below i have specified my environment and also the sample file.

  1. Windows 10 OS
  2. Uipath Community version

Sample file : Extractdate text to (9.6 KB)


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Thank you. Your solution works and it saved my day.