Sheet name of the excel file

hi guy’s

is there any way to find sheet name of the excel with out using excel application scope


Hello @Kalyan,

If I may ask, why would you want to do it without the excel application scope activity?

You have to use Excel Application Scope , and then to get excel sheet name use wb.GetSheets()
wb(Variable type ->UiPath.excel.WorkBookApplication)

Hello @stevengoehler,

while i am deploying my application into client machine there is a change msexcel are not installed then bot will struck that’s y i am using workbook activities.

I would highly recommend that you transfer or install the package on the other setup as well. If the client machine for some reason does not have access to the package manager, you can simply transfer the package manually. Your installed packages can be found at the following location:

Simply transfer the packages you need from the Activities folder.

thanks for u r replay,

as u said that is okay but if client machine is not installed Microsoft office software then when we are using excel application scope it will give error bcz MSEXCEL is not installed in PC.

I get it now, i misunderstood what you wrote.

I am unaware of a way to access information in an .xlsx file without opening it.