Need Captcha solver

Captcha solver needed!Could someone help me solve Outlook & Amazon captcha problem and the captcha on this website- ?
If you are interested, I will send you the screenshot of the captcha problem. And if you are able to solve, we can discuss on cooperation details. A team or company that can provide 72 hour service is preferred.Thanks.

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Thank you so much for posting this thread here. I’m a little bit confused about the payment issues. Can you please clear this issues?

Can you solve these captcha problems? If yes, the price is negotiable.

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Need to solve it on a regular basis or just one time?

On a regular basis.You’d better had a team to provide 72 hour service.

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Yeah, I have the person who will continue working with all time. What’s the payment method?

What is your ideal price?As long as you can guarantee that the three types of Captcha problems I encountered can be solved ,the price is negotiable.Can you give me your contact information,so we can discuss more details.

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