Need a list of all packages/libraries used by all Processes

We need a way in Orchestrator to see or preferably export a list of all packages used in all Processes.

Use case: we have an activities library for a specific application, that application was upgraded so we updated the activities library. Now we need to know which Processes to upgrade to the new version of the library.

Use case 2: a bug is identified in a specific version of a library. We need to know which Processes use that library so we know which Processes need to be updated

Please don’t show me the one-by-one manual way of seeing what each Process uses. There should be a way to get the info all at once for all Processes.


One way I would do it would be to see if I can scan all process.json files in the Studio code base and pull out the process dependencies. Obviously, if a process has already been deployed to Orchestrator, then the process.json file will reflect the latest version and the list of dependencies.

The other way might be to look at the contents of the packages installed down on the Robot machine itself. This might be a bit tricky given that there may be multiple versions of the process downloaded and installed on the robot machine.

Just my thought.

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I know the Mass Update Tool works on code in repositories like (GIT, TFS, etc)

I wonder if it can also give us the list I’m looking for. Although it’s not ideal (it would still contain decommissioned automations), it would be better than nothing.

I still think it’s something that should be built directly into Orchestrator. Dependency management is a real pain.