Orchestrator libraries

Hi all,
can anyone explain to me how libraries work in orchestrator?

let me explain better, I developed a process inside the development machine, when I published on orchestrator and launched on a production machine the process failed as there were no libraries on the orchestrator, and obviously they were not present at the level local on the machine. is there no way to have orchestrator automatically download libraries when I publish a project?

Thanks in advance

Libraries are packages that are dependencies for other Process Packages. In a default installation for Orchestrator, Robot, & Studio a default set of Library Packages would have been copied to each machine during installation.

Library Feeds can be at the host, tenant level or setup as a remote feed. By default if a package is not found locally on the robot, it will look to the Orchestrator feed, and if not found there it will look at the Official UiPath NuGet Feed, unless you have disabled any of these feeds or have restricted network access for your Robot or Orchestrator.

I’m not currently aware of a way to restore default packages if they were not selected during installation, however you could manually upload the typical packages to the Tenant or Host Feeds in Orchestator.

Please see the following reference for more details.