Navigation through Box Folder

Hi, Am trying to navigate through a box folder in order to download few files.
So my box folder path looks like this : UiPath Test Folder>Home>SubFolder.
I need to navigate through various paths like these. . How do i proceed?

Any Help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the UIPath Community.

Is it in shared Drive or local system ?

HI @lakshman It is a folder on cloud… something similar to google drive

Can you let me know if you mean it is a sharepoint @hss?

@HareeshMR Yes similar. Sharepoint is by Microsoft. Box is by cisco


As you said it is in cloud right. Then you can use open Browser or Navigate To activity and pass that folder structure into that URL.


Could provide an example workflow file.
Also is it possible to navigate via clicking the folder names?
Am trying that way also… but the selectors seem to be giving me a tough time.

I tried the click method. But there seems to be SelectorNot Found Error. It shows valid when i indicate on screen, but as soon as i run the workflow… it becomes invalid.
What could be the issue?

If the page is opened in the background, I mean in the browser, then the validator will identify the selector @hss. Are you getting any error while running the workflow?