Namespace not visible in IntelliPrompt (Ctrl+Space) in a Windows project


We have an interesting problem in Studio. Technically everything is working, but not quite.

For few months, we’ve been using a windows-legacy library with a custom created SAP.GUI.Scripting dependency that consist of two DLLs: sapfewse.dll and saprotwr.dll. Those have been built using the Tlbimp.exe tool from the original sapfewse.ocx and SAPROTWR.DLL and packed using the NuGet Package Explorer.

Recently, we migrated the library to a windows project alongside with the SAP.GUI.Scripting to support .NET 6.

After the migration, no issues with functionality. All custom activates with code stages that refers to sapfewse and saprotwr works completely fine.

However, for some reason, on the Windows project, the sapfewse namespace is not visible under the IntelliPrompt in Invoke Code or Assign activities.

It is visible when used in a Windows-legacy project.

Take a note, that saprotwr is visible in both.

Namespace is visible in the Imports panel on both project versions.

As you can see on the screenshot, even though we don’t see the sapfewse namespace prompt, we can still use it. If we try to use a non-existing class or method from it, then we actually receive an error.

This is how the SAP.GUI.Scripting looks like:

Had to add stdole dependency for the .NET 6 as otherwise when importing this NuGet into a project, UiPath was showing errors that it cannot find this dependency and then we couldn’t use it at all.

Does anyone have an idea on how to make it the sapfewse namespace visible in the IntelliPrompt?

you can try by manually editing the XAML (take backup before) and set a reference to the relevant assembly

If you mean adding <AssemblyReference>SAP.GUI.Scripting</AssemblyReference> then, unfortunately, it didn’t do the trick.

Just Cross Check in docus which assembly contains the namespace

Alright, according to the Tlbimp.exe documentation, in my example, assembly name was set by the /out parameter, so just ‘sapfewse’.

Adding it manually doesn’t help, though…