How to set the name space and assembly references for Uipath File



I am trying to set the required namespaces and Assembly references for microsoft operations to work in my external code using invoke code activity.
After I set manually the references and namespaces , they disappear everytime after we run the bot or edit the activity.So we need to set them again everytime time before we run.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open any project/xaml file in notepad.
    2.For eg : add <x:String>Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel</x:String> under
    <TextExpression.NamespacesForImplementation> and
    xmlns:moie=“clr-namespace:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;assembly=Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel” in the namespaces.
    3.After we save and run the bot, execution is successful.
  2. Now open the same xaml file in notepad , the references are missing.

I would like to know if there is anyway to achieve the above process as a one time process instead of doing it manually everytime.

Note: I am using a Community Version in Uipath.


@Abhishek_sharma Why can’t you use Imports namespace functionality which is available in the bottom corner of the UiStudio.



@sathishkumar191991- Thank you for the suggestion.I have already used this import option as you have mentioned but i keep getting the error as shown in image.(This is bcoz , the name space gets disappeared after every execution/edit causing the error)


Hey @will you share your .xaml?


@vvaidya- Yes I have added the above assembly manually , after checking your suggestions in other posts.
But this particular line from Namespaces " xmlns:moie=“clr-namespace:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;assembly=Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel" disappears after execution/edit (be it successful execution or Failed).
After I add the above namespace manually , i will be able to execute the workflow.


@aksh1yadav : Sorry, As a new user I am not allowed to upload any files.Any other way to share ?


You mean to say that the corresponding assembly is missing ?


I think @vvaidya Solution works fine. Even I tried in a sample project it is working fine.


Hey @Abhishek_sharma

As per last conversation i guess you are now able to resolved it. Am i right?



Hey thanks @aksh1yadav. Yes It is working now, the issue got resolved. I had not declared the objects/variables in a proper format i.e. using the arguments tab. Remaining is the same adding the required assembly reference.


@Abhishek_sharma, I’m still facing similar issue. Reference added manually in the xaml file keeps on getting removed on saving workflow. I have all the arguments set properly. Any guess?



Did you get any solution to this? I am facing the same problem.