Namespace error coming on UIPath after adding the Dependencies

I am getting the below error on writing the code on Invoke code on UIPath

No compiled code to run
error BC30002: Type ‘System.Data.OracleClient.OracleConnection’ is not defined. At line 2

For this. I import the dependencies. After then , i am start getting the below error.

Invoke Code: No compiled code to run
error BC30560: ‘OracleConnection’ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘System.Data.OracleClient’. At line 2

How to fix this. Please advice.

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Buddy…Kindly check the connectivity with oracle client and compile one the code u have with you

Oracle DB Connectivity is working fine and compiling is also happen. At run time i am getting this error

Are you running any SQL query…in the sense…kindly use execute query activity instead of invoke code…
That would work buddy…

Dim Mystream As FileStream = New FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
Dim conn As OracleClient.OracleConnection = New OracleClient.OracleConnection(dbConnectionStringVal)
Dim filesize As System.Int32 = convert.ToInt32(Mystream.Length)
Dim buffer(filesize) As Byte
Mystream.Read(buffer, 0, filesize)
Dim query As String = “INSERT INTO XXCUST_HR_TELEPHONE_SOA_STG_IV (upload_month,upload_year,invoice_number,account_number,oracle_cc_reference_number,batch_number,invoice_copy) values " +
Dim command As OracleClient.OracleCommand = New OracleClient.OracleCommand(query, conn)
command.Parameters.Add(New OracleClient.OracleParameter(“invoice_copy”, OracleClient.OracleType.Blob)).Value = buffer
Console.WriteLine(command.ExecuteNonQuery() & " rows affected.”)

End Try

I have attached the code and screen shot . Please check and advice