No compiled code to run error BC30560

I have program in version 2017, I migrated it in 2019.4.4, when I run it I get the error message during an INvoke Code

No compiled code to run error BC30560: ‘_Application’ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel’. At line 1

Please help.

I’ve got this problem too - did you find a resolution please?

Same problem here.

I am also facing same problem when try to run c# code

In my case, the access to a namespace was not clear. This caused the error in my case.

I added ClosedXML as a dependency and wanted to use it in InvokeCode. But I had 2x this dependency with different namespaces in the project.

Because the UiPath.Excel Activities also have ClosedXML as dependency. I can only advise you to check your dependencies in the project!