#NAME? error in excel

I fill excel with formul SUM(A1:A90) from studio
But I get in cells “#NAME?”

It disappears if I double click on a cell
How to fix it?

May I know how it was mentioned I mean with which activity
Was that write cell

Cheers @RPA3

try sending formula like this =SUM(A1:A90)
"#NAME?" you get this when formula is wrong
try sending the above formula which i’ve sent you
cheers @RPA3

Unfortunately, don’t work

In write Cell

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but The #NAME error occurs in Excel when the program doesn’t recognize something in your formula.
kindly check that once manually

Everything is true there, but it doesn’t work.

What will be else?

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Fine no worries
can i have a view on that excel file may a sample is fine and also the output that we need

TEST.xaml (5.3 KB) test.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Help me, please

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Hi sorry for the delayed response
May i know where we are using the formula here with the excel rows buddy

Cheers @RPA3

I am have a similar problem.
I am following the tutorial for comparing excel-files.
When I enter an excel formula in a “write cell”-activity, I get a #NAME-error in excell.
The formula is correct, and if I open Excel and press enter with the relevant cell selected, Excell returns the correct value.
Does anyone know how to resolve or work around this issue?


I found the solution in another post, thanks to @oscar.lepe

The solution was that I need to use the English Excel comands in UIPath, even though my Excel is installed with another language

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My problem is almost the same, but the formula I write is not depending on local language :
“=B4&CAR(32)&E4&CAR(10)&Q4&CAR(10)&G4” or
“=B17&CAR(32)&E17” or …
decided line by line by the robot.
Each formula is correct and can be manually tested, but Excel displays “#NOM?” until I click in the formula bar and hit return.
Does anyone know how to resolve or work around this issue?
Best regards