Mysql data base connection issue

i want to connect mysql database which is a web server database from my machine.
i did it using connection string. But it gives me a error.
Note: In my machine no database are installed.
i also attach my error after it runs.

how can i solve it?


Search for services in control panel, or type services.msc in the RUN and there you will find and entry View Local Services in Admin tool section

select it that will show a window with all services in your system, find your service SQLEXPRESS and click on Start . It should start your server instance :slight_smile:

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thank you…ok i will try it…
sir, in connect i provide…
connection string as “Server=;Database=abc;uid=abc;pwd=abc”
and provider name as “System.Data.SqlClient”
is it correct way to connect Mysql webserver?

Hi @arijit1213,

Yes it will work

Omkar P

Hi mzahid,
in my machine no database are installed. can i get sqlexpress service in my local machine?
i asked it because in my local machine no database present.
Database(mysql) only present in server.

okk…Thank u

Make sure you need to give correct db server details and it should be up