MySQL connection Problem

Hi, I am trying to connect MySQL but MySQL Connectivity.xaml (10.3 KB) program did not show any error nor output of Select query
i tried every possible connection string combination MySQL Connections.xlsx (9.7 KB) but select query did not run
I was tried following solutions

  • Did MySQL was run proper on my system - Yes
  • I was open UiPath Studio through Administrator ie Run as administrator then connection string did not give error
  • also check the connection of MySQL using telnet command - Does not respond

please find exact error or give a solution,

First of all, you need to download and install MySQL ODBC connector to establish the ODBC connection.

After that, create an ODBC connection from control panel -> Administrative tool -> Data Sources (ODBC)… Then use UiPath database connect to select the ODBC data source.

Note: You need to download correct version of MySQL ODBC Connector based on 32 bit or 64 bit use. I think for UiPath you need 32 bit one, though you are using 64bit Windows OS. Try this fact.