How to connect my flowchart to Mysql database?



How to connect my flowchart to Mysql database?




My connection string is


but when i running i get this exception


Did you try caps P


Main.xaml (23.1 KB)

yes i try all the combination but still getting error

is there any driver required for connectivity ?

i attach my xaml file here



You can use connect to MYSQL database using UIPath, by installing Mysql-ODBC connector of 32-bit(x86) and creating a system/user DSN.

I have tried and it is working fine.

Please revert for any clarifications.



I am getting issue after installing odbc connector


Hi @thakurashish55525

Please elaborate, and if you can post the exact issue that would be great.




Thanks for asking.

I have MySQL installed on my local machine as well as UiPath on the same
I have also installed MySQL connector, while testing ODBC connection using
connector , i am able to access my database.
But while doing the same in UiPath then getting error, i am not sure it i
am using correct option.
Below is the error i am getting at last point.

Is it possible to connect to mysql database using uipath? If yes? How to connect to MySQL Database?

Hi @thakurashish55525

Apologies for the delay in response, but this may be helpful for some facing the same issue.

The issue as mentioned, has a mismatch of architecture between the driver and UiPath application as it seems you have installed the 64-bit version of the driver whereas, UiPath is compatible with the 32 bit version(x86).

I have listed the links for the explanation regarding the same on Technet and also the link to download the mysql - 32 bit:

  1. Technet:

  2. Mysql 32-bit:




How to extract data from MySql database to CSV?


Hi @Snehal1

Once you are connected to the Database, you can use Mysql Execute Query and fetch the data from the database, for example in the provided snapshot, I use select query using execute query activity and the output is stored in the datatable, which is stored in a csv file using Write CSV activity.

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Thank you @rajat.pandey :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @rajat.pandey,how to store data scraping data directly from web to database.
Thanks in advance.