My Bot have this issue of Uielement not found after certain hour. How to handle these issue?

I need to complete more than 10k tasks. it takes more than 6-10 minutes to complete one task. So, while processing, sometimes, it says UI element not found (or no longer valid), especially on click activity, type into and element exists. And sometimes when it clicks some button, it takes 4-5 minutes to get processed. But after I restart the issue gets solved. Am I not selecting the correct selectors or why are these issues coming again and again?

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan

Use error handling activities such as Try Catch, Retry Scope, or Check State to handle exceptions and retry actions when a UI element is not found.

You can catch specific exceptions such as UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException or UiPath.Core.ImageOperationException and perform alternative actions or log messages.

You can also use Check State activity to check if an application or UI element is ready before performing an action on it.

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Hi @Samraat_Maharjan ,

Could you let us know if the restart was meant for the Process or the System ?

What should be the ideal case according to the testing that was done? Within what time it should complete a Single task ?

The note we can find from this is that “Restarting solves the issue”, this might indicate that if the Application is continuously running, then there maybe a session/ time out in place for application, Hence, the application might be behave in that way.

However, a check would be needed to be done to confirm all the assumptions.

the restarting process I mean. Normally single task takes 6-7 minutes to complete. But I have increased the waiting time so that it can find certain elements. Otherwise, it quickly throws the exception.

@Samraat_Maharjan ,

Considering the volume of tasks to be executed, You might want to check approximately after how many tasks execution the behaviour / the issues are surfaced.

Then maybe we can perform a Log Out and Log In of the application after it has reached that many Tasks, and then continue with the next tasks.

This is done so that we are ensuring the application is not in a crashing state and the sessions are still in place for the application.

This Step is also to be analyzed and checked first if this can be achieved with your case.