My Add Data Row activity is different

Hi guys,

How to get the other add data row activity and not that one ?

Do I need to change something in my settings ?

Thank you


Hi Kaiji,

I UiPath studio is upgraded. It seems the view has been changed.

I did not see the previous view of Add data row from the Studio version 2022.4.4 Community Edition.

New one and the old one is same thing actually you can see it from properties panel

Hi @kaiji_San ,

Yes you can change it…This activity is part of UiPath.System.Activities so in the recent versions it became like this.

If you like the old one, simple follow below steps to switch to a lower version of UiPath.System.Activities

1) Go to manage packages and type UiPath.System.Activities


2) From the version, select 20.10.6 then click on Update, then Save

Your work will be done.


In case of any confusion, pls let me know.


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