Mutiple Assign


how to resolve this issue…

each row activity viz no issue i crossed check it…



As you are using For Each row activity, can you change the Type Argument of the For Each Row to String?

Go to For Each row properties and you see Type Argument Object, So change that to a String

This will help you


Hello @Shyam_Pragash ,

Hope you have created the variables as String(Division,Report_Date ,etc). If it is a string then the problem is on the right side of the Assign activity. CurrentRow should be selected as “String” argument to resolve this issue. In the For Each Row in Datatable activity, check the ArgumentType( it should be string instead of object.)

Simple Check this, You can store a object(Car) into the String(only name can be store into the string.

Hi @Srini84

i checked all the variable type as ‘String’.


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Can you share me the For Each Row Activity screenshot ?


Hey @Shyam_Pragash

In the multiple assign values on the To side are you passing any value without using .ToString



  • Can you make sure in the right side of the assign activity you are converting the data to string typeCurrentRow("Data").ToString. Also, make sure all the header types in the data table set to string

  • If this didn’t work disable this multiple assign for some time and take separate assign activities and it helps to know exactly at which the issue is occurring

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