Why I can assign ROW to value? /

I am trying to follow her step to spilt sorted data to different sheets based on “Type”.

Yet, in around ‘11.00’ in her video, she can assign row(“Type”).ToString. But when i follow her, I make some issue as image.

How can I cope with this issue?

MU real.xaml (16.6 KB)

Hi @Happydayyy

You have used For each row in datatable activity before the assign activity which is in the Screenshot.

In the value field of assign activity change as below,


The Output of For each row in datatable activity is CurrentRow not Row.

Change the expression in value field in assign activity, it solves the issue.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

Hi Happydayyy,
Please you can find the workflow modified here:
MU real.xaml (16.4 KB)


Hi @Happydayyy

In the example video, she uses a For Each Row activity, which automatically creates the “row” variable within her workflow.

What may be happening is that if you are using the latest version of the For Each Row activity, the variable created is called “CurrentRow”, like i’m showing in the example here.
just change the name of the variable in the Item field of activity to “row” and you’re done

Thanks all this issue is solved. Many thanks!!!

I hope you find the solution for your query, If yes Make mark as solution to close the loop… @Happydayyy

Happy Automation!!

I can’t open yr workflow

Yet, this issue has been solved!!! Thank you so much.

don’t use that workflow just modify the changes in your code, no need to download and use it… @Happydayyy

Just change the expression in value field in assign activity as below,


I marked here, right?

Yes, @Happydayyy

Thank you and Happy Automation!!

Actually I hv another issue on other workflow, can you help me as well?
is about How to cut the redundant row that I also posted in forum.

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For the other issues, we recommended you to raise a new post and you can post the queries there… @Happydayyy

Okay, it is about How to cut the redundant row

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