Muti-types input needed to be classify

Hi guys,

I’ve been encountering a tricky problem.
here is the problem.

I have different file type input(Excel, PDF, JPG, TIF, even mail…), they are all invoices.
they are from different Co. and their format is all different. what’s more! each Co. has 4 types of invoice(PR PO NP FX)
all of them needed to be classified according to the type and Co.

here is what I m thinking
use OCR to reading the file,
in addition, use ‘Match’ activity with Regular expression to capture unique character(like Co. name ) to assort

I was confused about the logical design of the process
nevertheless, if anyone has better thought, plz comment below.

Many Thanks

Are you familiar with UiPath Document Understanding? The best approach/solution to be made would be using UiPath DU. This will classify the documents, identify the document type, then extract the data that you require.

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Hello @seanrockvz13,

appreciate your suggestion, I will give it a try