Multiple values in config file

Hi Friends

I have if condition in my code.

If A.contains(“XXX” ) or A.contains(“YYY” )

I stored “XXX” and “YYY” in the config file in diff Names.

Name Value
String1 XXX
String2 YYY

But in future i may have to add new string “ZZZ” .
in this case how can we give all the values under 1 name. so in future when there is any change we can just update the value without touching Name and code inside.

give try on:

in config have 1 parameter: LookupStrings
with the value: XXX,YYY,ZZZ

in your code do a split Config(“LookupStrings”).toString.Split(","c)

Now you can work with the different items from the config

Hi thanks a lot… just to be more clear…
Step 1: add LookupStrings = XXX,YYY,ZZZ in config file.

Step2: using assign activity split values
ArrayofString = Config(“LookupStrings”).toString.Split(","c)

Step3: if MainString.contains(ArrayofString)
message (“Matching found”)

can we use ArrayofString as in step 3 If condition.
i need to compare a string with the array items.

thanks for your great help.