How to check multiple criteria in If condition

I want to check multiple condition in If condition as per below. I tried with or and comma but its not working

Even I tried with variable also as like below but it is also not working.

File name read as per below

can someone please advice.

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Please provide all your numbers in strArray1 and test it.


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after using this method getting below exception.


Please check what is the value you are recieveing for FileName.

Also the values 868, 205 etc should be in an array (Declare a variable of type String and then in the Value provide all the values to check like {β€œ868”,β€œ205”, …}.

Use this variable in the If statement:


Hello Sowmya,

used your method, but getting exception.

below are the variables declared

Please use type of variable as String instead of GenericValue

same exception even after change variable type as string

Sorry please try WE3_Server_Sites.Contains(FileName)


hi @nm09011985,

Use following condition in your If activity,

As given below,

Add all your conditions using this β€”> (?=.*11) format in regex pattern separated with bar β€”> |

AM3_AS3.xaml (6.3 KB)

Please check this…! @nm09011985


I am not sure that is the correct answer for you it just might work as you are only looking for equal values.
in general A.contains(B) does not mean B.contains(A). I will probably look to solution provided by @SuvarnaReddy123(lemda expression). there u can probably use Yourarray.findall(function(a) WE3_Server_Sites.Contains(FileName)),count condition as well.

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