Community Edition Studio and Licensed Studio

I used Community Edition Studio 2019.10.4 to create a RPA process. Now we just bought a licensed studio 2020.4.1. I just wonder whether I can install the licensed studio on the same machine which has the community edition studio installed? Or I could not use the community edition studio any more after I install the licensed studio?



Hi @mjh - unfortunately, we currently do not support 2 versions of Studio working on the same machine at the same time. We also do not recommend installing MSI and EXE in parallel. It is either or. Our Community Release is now at 20.10. See the announcement here from today: UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release

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Do I have to uninstall the community edition studio first, then install licensed studio or it does not matter?

It is best to uninstall both to start fresh with one installation to prevent any conflicts.