Multiple Resume Screening

I have gone through few references where they are dealing with single resume by giving exact file name but I have a requirement where bot needs to go the file directory and loop all resumes which are placed there and then place the selected resumes in separate folder which are having keyword matched. Can soomebody provide the reference.

I was going through the below video link where they select one resume and perform the extraction.

Hi @Rajesh_Acharya
can u explain ur usecase which u are thinking of doing?

I will keep all the resumes at one folder and then ask my bot to go through the each resume and select only those which has the skill specified.

Do every resume had same format?
Also please check the video as well

Nived N

It can be of any format.

well you can try the approach of document understanding and using it to check whether specific skills are present there or not

use Regex Extractors for your case

Yea i tried that but it only uses single file but what if we want to access multiple resumes which are placed in the specific folder

Hi @Rajesh_Acharya,

You need to fetch all files in a folder first and then run loop on those files one by one. Put your document understanding logic within that loop.

Get all files in folder using below, assign it to a variable and then run loop on that variable values.
Directory.GetFiles(“folder path goes here”)