Multiple Python scripts/module failing

Hello - I am trying to run python script using Load Python Script activity inside Python Scope but getting error as ‘Module Not found’. Basically, one script file is importing multiple module from other script files from same path. Also, there are some input values which needs to be provided in between of script run. How can this issue be resolved using uipath?

Please note this is working fine manually from Powersheell/command prompt.

Hi, as far as I know the UiPath.Python.Activities package does not allow you to run multiple scripts. Usually I use the command prompt when my python codes are compound by more than one script. Of course, you will need to twist a little you code if you want to use input parameters in the command prompt (sys library).

You can run python within UiPath by opening the command prompt (Open application/invoke code) and typing the proper python sentence as if you were using the command prompt.

I hope this help.