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Hi, I need your help.

The data from the Excel table should be entered into SAP. I wanted to record the process using the activity “For each row”. But I have the problem that several rows concern one process.

for example: A2 - A4

Can I bundle several rows?

Hi @nina.wenner

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do u need to skip the rows which had same Konto values?

can u explain it?


it looks like you want to group the rows by its Zuordnung. We can do it with a group by.


  • the datatable rows are grouped by 1 column (your case: Zuordnung)
  • from the group the members (od Datarow) will be used for copying it to a datatable
  • all group datatables will be returned within a list of datatables

now you can iterate the TableList and process each group memebrs eg. within a for each row

Find some starter help here:
SplitToTableList_1Col.xaml (7.2 KB)

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Thanks for your help. I will test it.

Hi ppr,

I get an error massage?


Assembly muss noch eingebunden werden:

OK that worked. If I want to write Line the TableList this does not work? How can I continue here? Can I display the TableList?

for developing / inspection / debugging purpose we would not use log message / write line for inspecting a result. Here we go for debugging / breakpoint / local panels.

outputting a datatable to a string can be done with:
output datatable activity

Hi, I still do not understand how to proceed now? do I need to convert the variable TableList to use it further? i don’t output it.


not sure if i got your question.

the data has now been grouped. Each group is a datatable in the Table list. For processing the different groups

  • use a for each activity (TypeArgument: DataTable)
  • the datatable form current iteration can be processed as usually (e.g with a for each row)

try a start like this:

I get an error whith output datadable:


lets asume you are trying the loop from above then you will use item (the current datatable of the loop)

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