How to group datatable values based on common criteria and manipulate them as a group


I have an excel sheet with lets say 100 rows of data. I need to input into SAP each of those 100 rows of data. However, if the account number is the same, then they should all be input at the same time within the same SAP invoice entry.

This makes it impossible (I think?) to use a for each, because I cannot iterate through each row and input the data. I was wondering if there is a way to go through the data, and identify and separate the data that should be together. This would be similar to adding a filter in excel and going through each filter group.

Any way to do this? The number of rows can change and some days there may not be any accounts with more than 1 line (in that case a simple for each works). As of now. I created a robot which identifies “single” entries and “multiple line entries”. I then create 2 datatables and use for each to input the “single line entries” into SAP. I can’t figure out what to do for multiple lines!!!


I think we can achieve it using GroupBy method etc. Can you share sample data?


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