Multiple different vendor Invoices

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I have a multiple pdf invoices(different Vendor) placed in the folder. example: Here, BOT must read the invoice number, Date , amount , address(BillTo) from the pdf’s and enter it into the Excel.
attached different invoices screenshot FYI
Please help me out
Please any one guide me how to design the flow or please share the flow
Kindly assist.

Thank you
646412-Mellicent-Ivoshin.pdf (46.6 KB)
invoice_200136.pdf (15.2 KB)

wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)
Invoice 1.pdf (28.8 KB)


Please check the Document understanding model…it has pre trained invoice models…use them and use the classification scope to classify the documents and then extract

Here is a started video


But in the video they shown storing the values in different excel but i need extracted data should be stored in one Excel obly

If possible can you send me the flow


The video is to show how to extract …your wish on how you want to store the data

It is readily available


Tqsm sir working fine

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