Multiple Developers using Studio on one VDE

We currently have UiPath installed on a Virtual Desktop Environment, that multiple users log into to do their development (single session) and the users log into the VDE using Remote Desktop Connection, using their own credentials (User1, User2, User3).

On the VDE, and in Orchestrator we have a single robot, configured with a User Name and Password (for example User1).

If User1 logs into the VDE in the morning, develops in Studio, the Orchestrator configuration needs to be configured with the User1 username and password. If Orchestrator is not set up with his credentials then we get an error (No robot defined in Orchestrator), so we set up Orchestrator as User1 and he can develop OK:

If User2 logs into the VDE in the afternoon, he will get exactly the same error unless we then change Orchestrator to reflect his credentials.

If we try and provision a robot for each user that will log into the VDE, then we get an error in Orchestrator about license restrictions.

Is it possible to have a multiple user environment for developing, or do we need to purchase 1 license for every user of our VDE (or have every user log into the VDE with the same “generic” user account).

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I did search but couldn’t find anything answering the question

Login with generic account will do the needful. Since robot runs on basis on some user credentials…