Does expression editor in properties accept javascript code?


I was wondering, regarding an activity in general, the properties, the expression editor, does it also accept javascript code or only VB/.NET?

Hey @jpv567 !! Welcome to the community!! UiPath allow users to choose between CSharp and VB. But you can inject JS scripts via activity!!

Hope it helps!

The default languages that support expression editor are or C#. If you want to invoke java script code you can install the package using the package manager. There is an official package to invoke java script codes

Hi @jpv567,

As the fellow mates told UiPath accepts VB.Net and C# by that also you need to choose when you start a new project, to work with JS we have an separate activity Invoke JS you can use that.


Hello guys,

Thx all for your replies :slight_smile:

Thus if i understand it right, by installing the js-package, everywhere in the activities where you can enter VB expressions, after the installation i can enter in the box/editor js-code?

Is that this package: UiPathRobot.js ?