Moving transaction items from one Queue to another

I am building a workflow that gets transaction items from a queue I have created in orchestrator. after this workflow completes processing the transaction I want it to move that transaction item to another queue so a different workflow can pick it up and run a different process. what activities, using what parameters, do i need to make sure the transaction item along with all it data end up in the other queue?

if I understand you. I think you need to get all data of one transaction in the first queue and after insert it on other queue with activittie “Add queue item”.

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first of all use get transaction activity to get one transaction after doing processing of transaction use “add queue item” activity which includes all the parameters that your first queue have only the name of the queue will be change which will be your second queue. it will create transaction in the 2nd queue with status “New”

I tried this but all of the data fields that were associated with the queue item when I uploaded it to the first que got lost when I added the item to the second queue. is there anyway to transfer that data to the second queue?

Have you tried that?

“I tried this but all of the data fields that were associated with the queue item when I uploaded it to the first que got lost”

how the data lost? like when you get data from first queue you are changing the transaction item status in your code for example “success or failure” after sending it to the second queue.
if you are not changing the status after getting transaction item then by default the transaction item status change to inprogress.

Share the screenshot of transaction item in the orchestrator… after adding them into second queue

I am not sure I fully understand the solution you suggest.

the data in the transaction item in the first queue.

an example of a transaction item that I have added to the second queue

Validate the following steps in your code.

First check you are adding item into first queue.
then check you are getting items from the first queue.
then check You are adding items into 2nd queue.

The main purpose of this validation is to make sure you are adding items into 2nd queue after getting transaction items from first queue. And also validate the 2nd queue name. Have you mentioned the correct 2nd queue name in the code where you are adding items into 2nd queue

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I have validated that. I think I am getting lost at adding items to the second que. I am using the the add queue item activity but what do i specify in that activity to make sure it actually passes the data when it adds the queue item?

Are you trying to use the transaction item in your process to feed the second queue when your process ended?

If you are using this option, you just need to put in Add queue items each transaction item that the robot is processing at that time. And you will add these items through the “itemInformetion” property, as I showed you in the photo. And the queue that you will add to these items will be the second queue.

Share your workflow file I will fix that.

I had the same problem. I’m using Reframework and was necessary to create a queue with some items that had a particular code. I copy the in_transactionItem to another queue using “Add Queue Item” and pass to “ItemInformationCollection” the value “in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent”.
In this way I add the same item in the other queue in a simple way.

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Just use Add Queue Item and for the item data property enter yourTransactionVar.SpecificContent