I wanted to move transactions from one queue to another based on a particular business exception. How can I accomplish this.


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Hey @icehouselux

You can mark the business exception in the current queue & can create a new one in the other queue since you have all the required tx item details.


Hi @icehouselux ,

For your requirement you have to use combination of activities whenever you get business exception you have to make flow like use get queue items activity to get your all queue items from current queue and use add queue item to add queue items into new queue.


If you have built your project using REF you can try below 2 steps.

  1. Open SetTransactionStatus.xaml file and add if activity to check for exception message. (under business exception branch)
  2. If exception message has required content, use Add Queue Item activity to add item to 2nd Queue


@Nithinkrishna Thanks for your response. I am looking for a solution to already processed ones.

@Nithinkrishna Thanks for your response. I am looking for a solution to already processed ones in the orchestrator.

Then you can please try this @icehouselux

when I try to get q items through GET QUEUE Activity I am not able to see anything from December. I only see from January. I am not using any filters in the property window.

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Hey @icehouselux

Get Queue Items activity by default retrieves only first 100 items from the queue.

You will need to use the pagination option to get others, once you got first hundred just skip 100 and get next set of 100 items.

You can please use an iteration and manipulate the skip value accordingly to get all the items from the queue.

Once you got all the items then yes, you can add the failed items to a different queue as required.

Hope this helps.


@Nithinkrishna Your suggestion did help! Thanks a lot!

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Cool, Enjoy it !

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