Moving mail from one mailbox to a folder of a second mailbox

Hello everyone,

I’m facing an issue with Microsoft 365 to move mail.

I have two mailbox ( & and I need to take a mail from the first one and to move it in a folder of the second one.

I’m using Graph API


So for the exemple I tried to move it into the “Inbox” of the second mail bot with” and “Inbox”


Please if you have any advice share it !

Have a nice day,

Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies,

If you want to send the email which is received in first email inbox to 2nd email specific folder then follow this below steps:

  1. Use Microsoft office scope give the refired info like app id, secret key etc
  2. Use read email activity and read the required emails from first email inbox
  3. Use Move email activity to move the emails from 1st email inbox to 2nd email specified folder.

1, Provide your second email id in the email to move column
2. Select the email folder in which it has to be moved.

Hope this solution works out, please let me know if you have any questions.


I dont think via microsoft activities you can acheive this as they are two different mailboxes …it works only on one

In outlook it might work but not in office 365 mail


Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies,

In account mention the 2nd email id and in Destination folder give the folder name of 2nd email account where you wanted to move.

Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies ,

If you want to send the emails between two emails first thing is the credentials which you are providing should have the access to read both the emails.
Suppose your both email 1 and email 2 are under same tenant:

1.Then you can use exchange email scope activity and provide the tenant credentials in this scope where tenant credentials should have to access to both emails.

2. Inside this exchange scope add the get emails activity and get the required out
3. Give the get email activity to the move email activity as input and mention the 2nd email id in account and destination folder of it.

This should solve your problem.

Thanks for your advice Anil !

Hi Krishnakanth,

Thanks for all your informations.

So I tried with the other “Move email”

But in the “move” I put the email I want to move, not the mailbox destination (it does not work).

I tried with different properties and I have one of the following error:


For the exchange scope I did not get far. I always get :


And if I only keep the 365 settings I have:


Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies,

  1. Did you place the move email activity inside exchange scope activity?
  2. Whether these 2 email id’s belong to same admin control?
    Note: If this 2 email id’s belong to same admin then try with admin credentials once.

It is inside the Microsoft Office 365 Scope and indeed the belong to the same admin.


Can you please check by entering the admin credentials once, as admin will have access to all the email accounts inbox

When I entercredentials (User & Secure password) I got the error message : "Unsupported User Type ‘Unknown’