Move mail to folder

I am receiving one mail in Inbox.The mail is getting received in aparticular folder.I need to move it to two folders A & B.Please tell me the logic…

Just use the Move Outlook Mail Message or Move Email activity, depending on your circumstances.

I need to copy the mail to two folders.“A” and “B”.

Do you mean folders in Outlook? Gmail? Something else? Your C drive? You have to give us specifics or nobody can help you.

I have to copy the mail from inbox to two different folders in outlook , say “inbox\A” and “inbox\B”

There’s nothing to do that programmatically. You’d have to copy the email to folder A, then forward it to yourself, then copy the forwarded email to folder B.

I want to do this by using program/activities.
Any suggestions?

As I said, move the email to folder A, forward the email to the mailbox again, move the forwarded email to folder B. These are all done with activities.