Move item in uipath

I can’t able to move the file from one folder to another in ftp server using ftp activity even though file is exist in that folder

Hi @gowtham_surya
Could u please give some more data about the issue . if the screenshot is better for the understanding too


HI Gowtham,

Pls check below points it may help you…

  1. Check the FTP server connection: Ensure that you have established a connection to the FTP server and have the necessary permissions to move the file. You can use the UiPath FTP activity “Connect” to connect to the FTP server before using the “Move File” activity.
  2. Check the file path: Ensure that you have specified the correct path for the file you want to move. The path should include the full file name and extension. Also, ensure that the path is in the correct format for the FTP server, including the correct directory separator.
  3. Check the destination folder: Ensure that the destination folder exists and that you have the necessary permissions to write to that folder. You can use the UiPath FTP activity “Create Directory” to create the destination folder if it does not exist.
  4. Check the file name: Ensure that the file name is spelled correctly and that it is the same name as the file in the source folder.

If you have checked all these factors and the file is still not moving, you can try using a different FTP activity like “Upload File” and “Delete File” to move the file. You can also check the FTP server logs to see if there are any error messages that may be preventing the file from being moved.