Movie webpage to get names of all the movies using data scrapping?

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I am doing data scrapping from a website of 10 pages.

I am using (next button to move to the next page ) I am able to get the data correctly but on the last page there is no (next button) How do I stop the execution when it is on the last page?


@ENGINEERING_FAIL Use try catch activity and insert your data scrap actvity in try block and in the catch block use write line activity to catch the exception

@ENGINEERING_FAIL I believe if you are scraping it through Data Scraping wizard than it would automatically stop at the last page and take you to the next step in you workflow.

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I know that bro.
But still it’s getting stuck on the last page (when next page not visible) and none of the information is not getting extracted into the provided excel document.
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@ENGINEERING_FAIL Is it possible to access the link from where you are trying to scrape?

Rammohan B.

@Rammohan91 yes. It is possible.

@ENGINEERING_FAIL Can you please provide that?

Rammohan B.

@ENGINEERING_FAIL Also, i hope ‘ContinueOnError’ property is set to ‘True’.

Rammohan B.


I did similar project - Using while loop and imagine exists.


Use Imagine Exists for the “Next” Button
Set default value for item as True (Should be default)
While item = True, do data scrapping

Put Imagine Exists at the bottom of the while loop.

So when it doesn’t see the “Next” button, item will switch to False and it will exit the while loop.

Hope it helps!


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