Move latest downloaded file to my OneDrive

Hi everyone,

I have been trying for a while to automate the process of moving my last downloaded file from my Downloads folder and upload it to my OneDrive folder but I do not manage to do it properly.

My original idea was to drag the last file of the Downloads folder and drop it in my OneDrive window, which is opened previously at the start of workflow.
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to UiPath Community!

My solution was just to copy the file into the local OneDrive folder:

The file will be synced up to the cloud soon if you log in to OneDrive.

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Hey @ccastrejsan

My best suggestion will be as below,

  1. Use Wait for Download activity which will auto sense the latest downloaded file

  2. Map your one drive to a local folder with sync enabled

  3. Move the latest downloaded file retrieved from Step one to the local synchronised one drive folder


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