Move Folder to Another Folder BUT Keep the Original Folder Name

Is there a way to move a folder to another folder without deleting the original folder?


Folder to Move: C:\Users\ale\Desktop\Folder1
Folder to Move to: C:\Users\ale\Desktop\Folder2 (already exists)

Final result: C:\Users\ale\Desktop\Folder2\Folder1

@tonyspizza - Please check this post…

A move where you keep the original folder/files intact is a copy, not a move.


From: Copy directory to another directory - #4 by sarathi125

the solutions you guys provided didn’t work for me (for my use case) because it still deletes the original folder that i want to move.

i instead used an Invoke Powershell activity to move folders.

Command: “Move-Item “{folder you want to move}” “{destination location}””

@tonyspizza - Please check this…Here i am moving the folder called “DeleteFiles” to “MoveFiles” since “MoveFiles” folder already exist similar to your case, you have to give your original foldername again…and it worked for me…


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