Move file - File permission issues

Hi Expert

I have some issues with the Move File activity when files are moved between folders with a different set of user access. Below is a simplified example of the two folders and who have access - users have read/write access to the folder:

Folder A

  • Person 1
  • Person 2
  • Robot

Folder B

  • Person 1
  • Person 2
  • Person 3
  • Robot

Folder A contains File X. The robot is now using the Move File activity to move File X to Folder B.

The issue is that Person 3 - that does not have access to Folder A - can see the file in the Folder B but is not able to edit/move/delete the File X since the permissions from Folder A is inherited on file level and does not seem to be updated when using the Move File activity.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I can see there also is a Copy File activity - but it is quite important that no duplicates exists. It can of course be combined with the Delete activity - but are there any other ways to do this?

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Hi ,
I also faced this problem, hoe do you solved it ?

Hi @tavinee.inchayanunth

It has been quite a while since I looked into this as the robot is no longer in use.

However as far as I recall is it “basic Windows functionality” that is reflected when using the Move File activity. Meaning that the current file permissions on the file in Folder A also will be included when moving the file to Folder B.

So in the example above Person 3 will not have access to the file whereas if using the Copy File activity to copy the file into Folder B the file permissions will be updated.

I can’t recall the exact solution I made but I think I used a Copy File activity to copy the file from Folder A to Folder B, then a File Exist to check if the file exists in Folder B and finally a Delete File from Folder A if true.