Move each file downloaded from one folder to another

Hi there,
Would you please support me?
I’m automating the download of files from a website
After the download, I desire to move each file downloaded from one folder to another.
But there is an error message - see below
How can I solve it?

can you upload screenshot of your move file activity here


Here file extension is missing because of that Bot is unable to move the file.

How can I instruct the Bot to find the file?

change userFolder\downloads\people list to currentFile

I’ve changed, but still get an error.

I’m thinking that the problem is that the Bot is not finding the “Current File”.

we want the currentFile variable

click + → currentFile
select full name(incl. file path)

so that it looks like this

Many thanks :grinning: It’s working!

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no problem, you can refer to this video as well

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Would you please suggest to me a video in which I can learn how to combine sheets from different excel files into one single excel file, using Studio x?

im cant seem to find it , maybe you can look at old posts or make another topic to ask about this

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