Move&copy text excel

I want to copy value in row net to column F (red color).
Ex. I want copy value in E10 to F8 and F9

Ex data.xlsx (9.8 KB)
Suggest me please.


Hello @fairymemay,

solve it with Excel Application Scope and activities available under App Integration \ Excel \ Table:

You will maybe need to install a dependency so you need to install UiPath.Excel.Activities.


@dfilipovic I​ can’t​ set​ row​ because​ the number of rows in each set is not the same​ (sometime​ 2​, 3​)​

You can try with this ,

  1. Read range

2 under for each dt
If row(0)= “net”
Read cell - “E”+counter.tostring
Write cell -“F”+ (counter-1).tostring
Write cell -“F”+ (counter-2).tostring
Do nothing

This might be long process bt will work. Hope you can find shortest way also.

If​ row​s​ in​ set​ is​ not​ unstable?

Sorry but i didn’t get it… Can you explain

I​ want​ to​ move​ value​ net​ to​ column​ F.​
After​ row​ country​ and​ Before​ row​ net.


I will create small wf and share with you.

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@TUSHAR_DIWASE I will waiting wf from you.