More properties extracted from Selector

  1. ‘InnerHTML’ to be added in get Text activity along with value
  2. More properties of an HTML tag exposed through explorer like
    a. innerHTML
    b. tree structure - from body tag

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

@Deeksha_Bhat could you please test with the latest UIAutomation.Activities package the let us know if it meets you requirement? innertext property is exposed and looks like it has the same value with innerHTML. Also, body tag is available in the tree structure. Please let me know you feedback. Thanks

A little late to reply, yes the new UiExplorer serves the purpose. thank you.

@Pablito I was going through topics in User Voice and came across this one.

For what I see the feature is already available, so it should be marked as completed right?

Hi @nerlichman,
Thank you for information. You’re right :slight_smile:
The reason why it was still not under completed status was that we waited for some confirmation from our internal tools but as you pointed this I checked it and pushed a little :smiley: So now it’s completed :boom:

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