Extract Html

For example,

https://www.uipath.com on this site.


How do you extract these data? If found, I would like to make a structure to return it to True.

I tried to see several posts in the forum contents, but failed


You can try using ger attribute with whole window selector on lang



get attribute Activity on the attribute with name lang along with a manually postedited selector

  1. Use the “Find Element” activity to locate the HTML element that contains the “en” data.
  2. Add a new “Get Attribute” activity and specify the output variable “langAttribute”.
  3. Use an “If” activity to check if the “langAttribute” value is equal to “en”.
  4. If “langAttribute” is “en”, then create a new structure or object with a Boolean value of “True”.
  5. Return the structure or object as the output of the workflow
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I don’t see any elements to choose from on that site.

with the solution mark we would assume that the suggestion was working if not have a look here:

we manually edited and used under the parent selector
<webctrl tag='HTML' />



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