Monitoring: Queues overview

After upgrading our orchestrator, we now have this new queues overview available. I think it could be valuable. However, right now almost all queues are red. Some of them might have had an application exception within the last 24 hours (interval is set to 1 day), but definitely not all of them.
What is triggering that it shows up as red, that the queue have had just a single application exception within 2 years or that it have had a business exception?
Should it not follow the interval that is by default 1 day?
If I change the interval to 1 hour, then I know for sure that some of the queues that are red did not process anything in that period, so it should not be red.

The documentation is not explaining this very well:

In short. What is triggering the red color?

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have you figure out what causing the issue?

No, unfortunately not. Which makes the monitoring feature useless.