Monitoring new posts and acting on them

Hi, nooby here,

I am using internal system where new data sets are posted constantly.
What I need to do is to monitor for new posts and act on them. Not sure of the way, so I came up with this logic:

Scraping repeatedly (every 5 minutes) a list of records from the web and adding latest 5 to csv by using “append to csv” activity. Once every 5 records are added to csv, I need to check if those are unique and if so I will use them for further work, if not will ignore them.

So the question is how do I determine if those records are unique?
Also the question if this approach is okay, or is there a better way to monitor and act of new posts?

Thank you.

do they have a unique identifier like a job number or anything like that? because if so, you can simply compare the csv to the new entries to find out if they are the same.

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CBlanchard, no they don’t, only the value is unique.
But ether way, comparing the new value with all existed values in csv is something that could help. Do you know what should be used for comparing new value (for simplicity let’s say in A1) against all other values in csv column A.


  1. you could do a for each loop of your datatable and,
  2. you could use an If activity i.e. stringofoldvalues.contains(newvalue) = true
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