How do I know that a new data has been added to datatable?

Hello everyone!
I have a process that I want it to mail every time new data is added to a web table.
I can get the web table as a datatable with data scraping. A new “filename” is added to this datatable every day. And in the datatable there is a column named “modified by”. This column is full of phrases like “Yesterday at 13.48”.

When a new data arrives, send me an e-mail -> how can I do this?

Hi mate,

You can send configuration in your Bot in between that when new Data Arrives send you an email.
You can use Send SMTP mail activtiy , bot will send you notification email whenever your new Data is added.

First of all, thank you for your answer.
I think I can send mail with SMTP. But send mail when new data arrives in datatable - >> how can I do this condition?

Meanwhile, the robot will run every 2 hours a day.

You can add a Boolean Variable with Default Value False.
Now suppose when your DataTable is Updated means new Data is arrived, assign Boolean Variable to True.
And then use a If statement.
If(BoolVariable = True)
(Send me an email)

Btw you Want email update Every 2 hour ?

The robot will be triggered every 2 hours, that is, it will check 1 web table in 2 hours.
If there is new data in the datatable, it will send an e-mail.

Thank you. So how do I know that the datatable has been updated?


If the data is going to append into web table, then u can add a column(Status) after data scraping and store it in excel for reference. when you try to run next time then u can check with the status of the previous data table, if the status is empty for a row then u can take that using filter DT and then u can a send mail which ever status rows are empty.

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Just a thought ,may be you can save last modified value into text file and in every run check the modified value.
If modified value match with the value present in text file that means no more new data is added.

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