Monitor create new row at excel sheet

i need assistance as I have a flowchart that read from excel sheet and uploads all data to an online form, I need to monitor that sheet for any new row added and based on that run the workflow to write a newly added row to the online form

any idea

You can create Flowchart And every minute read file and check condition
and with Flow Decision activity

make two way write new row or delay and check again

thx for your reply do you have an idea how to do the workflow

Hi @mohamed.fekry,
If you have the provision to add an extra column in the excel, we can solve this easily.
add extra column named something like “status”

and after reading the excel to a datatable, you must add one more filter to it.
suppose the output datatable name is dtExcel, then
dtExcelNew =“status is null”).CopyToDatatable

Iterate on dtExcelNew and update online form

here in this case, after each successful form filling. you must update the status column to something like processed.

thx for your reply , so i managed to add column for status, , next step to add excel application scope and read sheet to the data table , so what activity shall i add next for the condition

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You just use an assign activity as follows
dtExcelNew =“status is null”).CopyToDatatable

it give me below error

dtExcel is a datatable, right?

yes its the output datatable

Please check this post
This will help

Hi @mohamed.fekry,
Delete the assign activity, and create a new assign and use the same values. That’s the issue with studio.

sorry i can not understand can you elaborate with example

just delete the existing assign activity. then insert a new assign activity, and use the same variable and values.