Monitor and Alert a Stuck Job

How do I monitor and email an alert for a stuck job?

Here’s an example of a stuck job:
An activity in a process opens an Excel workbook and there’s unexpected pop-up that error handling is not designed to fix. So the process stays stuck on that activity because of the unknown error (in this case, the unexpected pop-up) and the job does not move forward.

Possible Solutions?
On Orchestrator there is an option with Managing Triggers to stop/kill a job after a certain amount of time, but it does not look like I can also configure an email alert to be sent when the job is stopped/killed. Is there a way to do this?

Another possible solution could be to have a process monitor itself within its workflow. Such as, if the process is on an activity for a certain amount of time an email alert could be sent notifying it’s stuck on that activity. Is this an option?

Are there other ways to solve this?

Thanks. I really appreciate the help.


@ryan.metcalf - you can try below -

  • add try/catch block to process
  • when activity timeout triggered by activities -> will be catch in the catch block
  • in catch block -> you can add a screenshot functionality and a send mail notification- also in the same place you can close the application (if required)
  • for this entire process flow template/framework is already available in uipath - called REFramework - pls have a look for a better project exception/process handling.