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Hi Guys,
Please assist me with this workflow.
my step is extract data from web for two column one is for title another is url. I have used data scrapping but complete url not extract by it. That’s why i need to modify url column. Like this
(“https://t***.net” & row.Item(“Column2”).ToString)

After that i have a excel file where store some email in excel row. Finally email send to all extracted data from each excel email.

Workflow and workfile (42.5 KB)



Check below for your reference, how to set the value in the datatable

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Hi @Jesmine do u need to send excel data extracted one as attachment or as in body itself?

Thanks try to assist.
Not attachment, it should be email body
Title :fjfkfhdsjkf

Title :fjfkfhdsjkf

Title :fjfkfhdsjkf

and so on

Can u say how url looks like in final?

hey @Srini84,
Thanks try to assist
can you help part of the workflow?
I have used data scrapping for web data extract. Data like Title and Url. I need add string value for url portion.” + row.Item(“Column2”).ToString
After adding this it’s make a new data table like DTNew
Is it possible?


You can use assign activity, check below

Dt.Rows(rowNumber).Item(ColumnName).ToString = “”+row.Item(“Column2”).ToString

rowNumber can be replaced with RowIndex of Foreach, to do all for rows in the datatable

Is this the one you are looking for?


look i need to modify for this

finally make new data table
newDT have modified with url

Main (2).xaml (12.9 KB)
Check this one.

Hi @Jesmine please look at this workflow (47.6 KB)

I had made a lot of changes to it to make it simpler.

Hope it helps you
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